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Sunday, 4 January 2015

3 Beach Holiday Destinations for 2015

Are you searching for top beach destinations around the world? Here are the 3 beach holiday destinations that can fulfill your expectations for a fun filled and refreshing beach holidays 2015.

Hawaii - Involve In the Hawaiian Essence
The sheer natural beauty of Hawaii is what captures the attention of the tourists making it one of the top tourist destinations of the USA. This ‘Big Island’ is pregnant with natural wonders including Mauna Kea, the most active and largest volcanoes on Earth. It also enticed the visitors by its fascinating sand beaches.

Islands and cities in Hawaii
Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau and Kahoolawe are the notable islands that you find worthy to visit while in Hawaii. Some of the major cities of Hawaii that also demand visit are Honolulu, Kailua-Kona, Kahuku, Hilo, Wailuku, Kahului, Lahaina, Lihue, and Kailua.

Hawaii has everything for everyone. To experience beach romance at its best you can relax at the Waikiki beach. You can also find perfect chance to explore the rainforests and numerous waterfalls scattered throughout this big island.

Hawaii Transportation
Hawaii is best explored by air. You can also enjoy sailing and journey by bus and car in different parts in Hawaii. Car rentals are also a good option to travel around Hawaii.

Things to do in Hawaii
Hawaii gives you the scope to relax in unique ways and you can refresh in an array of activities. Eco tours, hiking, air tours, horseback riding, and visiting the cultural parts of the island is a great experience that will make your trip memorable.

When it comes to cuisines Hawaii does offer an excellent array of delicious dishes and beers. Along with relishing every bite of the traditional Hawaiian delicacies you can also taste the flavors of Asia-Pacific cuisines, American and Portuguese dishes.

Mexico - Enjoy the Sun, Beach and Palms
Mexico is one of the hottest beach holiday destinations of the world. Blue beaches, bright sun, and impressive palms open the gateway to enter into your dreamland with your love. You have every chance to enjoy different sports as well as adventurous activities in Mexico to get refreshed. Fine dining and romantic night-stay will complete your traveling in Mexico. The tourist industry in Mexico is flourishing with beach resorts and altiplano. And you will get the perfect scope to enjoy a beach holiday by visiting this wonderful part of the USA.

Important Cities and Archaeological Sites of Mexico
Tijuana, Taxco, San Luis Potosi, Monterrey, Mazatlan, Guadalajara, Cancun, Acapulco and Mexico City are some of the major Mexican cities.

Mexico is the home to some of the most beautiful archaeological sites of North America and some of the sites are declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Some of the famous archaeological sites in Mexico are Uxmal, Tulum, Teotihuacan, Palenque, Guanajuato, El Tajín, Ek Balam, and Chichen Itza.

Getting in Mexico
This important part of the USA can be reached by international destinations via air. If you are traveling to Mexico from any other parts of the USA., you can go for air, bus, train, ferry as well as train routes. The bus system in Mexico is one of the most efficient bus systems in the world and you can get tickets of buses to travel to Mexico from mostly all the parts of the U.S.

Culebra in USA
To feel the best of the Caribbean essence you can visit Culebra in USA. Rich in natural preserves this small Caribbean island attracts tourists from all across the world.

Culebra offers an extensive range of activities for its travelers. From snorkeling to turtle watching and bird watching, you will find enough options to make your days memorable in this island. The beaches are the enticing gems of this island and offer you enough scope to engage in the beach essence.

Some of the worth visiting places in Culebra are CORALations, Culebra National Wildlife Refuge, Isla Culebrita, Cayo Luis Peña, El Batey, Culebra Dive Shop, and Museum of Ildefenso.

Culebra is the home to several restaurants and bakeries that offer some of the delicious food items to their travelers. Prices are also not so high and you are surely to get the best flavors of Culebra delicacies by visiting the restaurants.

Culebra can be visited by air, boat, and ferry. And to get around the island you can go for car rentals or taxi. Water taxis, kayaking, and biking are also good options to reach the far-flung attractions of the island. The local transport system mainly consists of taxis and you will find taxis without any hazards.

Culebra, like any other USA destination, will give you the scope to explore the different colors of US in their varied forms. So the next time you are planning to visit to an exotic place, you can list Culebra in travel destinations.