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Monday, 22 December 2014

2015 Holiday Gems from Lollipop

Here are some holiday gems for 2015 travel planning:

Icmeler Turkey

Set on the south coast of Turkey where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean, the purpose-built beach resort of Icmeler has a distinctly European flavour, with high-end yachts bobbing in the bay along with a multicultural crowd of tourists drinking drinks at the sea front bars. Icmeler's package-getaway feeling is, nevertheless, checked by its scenic environment, with large hills clad in pine forests crashing into the turquoise waters all around town. Icmeler has a soothing atmosphere, while missing most of the contemporary comforts.

Best Value Destinations for 2015
Traveling or holidaying does not always involve a lump sum of money. There are many places indeed that can be explored in an inexpensive way. Here are 3 such holiday destinations that you can travel to and at cheap cost. Read the list of 3 cheap holiday 2015 destinations!
Tunisia: It is a compellingly inviting tourist destination today as now many of the travel warnings in this region has been dropped and tourists are again turning their routes to the most compact packages of North Africa. This year the cost will be within budget, and this will be definitely alluring for tourists with lowered crowd. This means you will get to have a rewarding experience in Tunisia. You can opt to stay in cosmopolitan Tunis and then head towards the nerve wreaking Star Wars sets or have a good time at going through the Romain remains. In addition, you get to experience some of the best of scenic beauty at the northern end of the country. Tunisia definitely hails first in our top 3 cheap holidays 2015 destinations list.
South Africa: With the recent fluctuations in currency, South Africa definitely becomes a cheap holidays 2015 destination for many tourists around the globe. Rather than simply spending time in some undercooked rand, you must definitely make plans to travel to South Africa as they offer travelers some value seeking packages.
Fantastically available wildlife watching covering all kinds of budgets, reasonably priced safari campsite, public there are quite friendly, with some great food and museums to look out for, you would not be much surprised if you came back again after your first visit. The cheerful yet cheap sea side café at Cape Town is another reason why you would love to absorb the flavor of this place, South Africa has much to offer and you get the best of affordable packages.
Samoa: If you want to experience an exotic, underdeveloped paradise on Earth, then Samoa is the ultimate place visit. You can easily travel in comfortable, no-nonsense budget buses, spend time in idyllic beaches, can rent fales or hut houses. Samoa can definitely be marked as one of the best in budget cheap holidays 2015 travel deals to look out for.

Start to pack your bag, bank up some bucks and go ahead to enjoy holidaying in one of these
cheap holidays 2015 destinations that are worth visiting.

Friday, 14 February 2014

lollipop holidays

When making yogurt lollies, follow the same steps as you would for lollies made from fruit juice. Pour the yoghurt into lolly makers and leave them to freeze for a few hours. They may need to stay in the freezer a little longer than the usually fruit lollies. Don't forget to put the lolly sticks in as well, or you may find yourself with a bit of trouble once the yoghurt has frozen!

Raspberry yoghurt ice lollies are a favourite with both adults and children, and while you can make it using supermarket yoghurt, you may as well try making it from scratch if you have some spare time on your hands. A pot of natural yoghurt, some fresh raspberries and a bit of sugar is all you need for your own ice lollies. The great thing about doing this is that you'll know just what is going into the lollies, and everything is natural and good for you.

First of all, you'll need 150g raspberries, 100g caster sugar, 500g natural yoghurt and 1 tsp vanilla extract for some extra flavouring. Put all the raspberries, sugar and vanilla extract into a bowl and crush the raspberries with a fork until they are crushed properly and mixed in with the sugar. Next, mix in the natural yogurt and stir it until it is mixed in well with the caster sugar.

The final thing to do is put them into ice lolly moulds and freeze them for roughly around six hours. You'll have your very own home-made yoghurt lollies that will impress your family and your guests this summer!
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